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By registering time you can gain insights into which tasks and projects cost the most. With proper time data you can steer yourself and your team to be more efficient. Discover how you can take your time administration to a higher level with Keeping. Web browser for video

Insight and overview

Know where you spend your time

To make good estimates for future assignments, it is wise to consult time spent on previous assignments. Exact hours spent on a project, task or by a team member are important when determining the time required for a new project.

Smart reporting

With reports you always know how many hours you have spent on a project. You can see how the hours are split between tasks and team members, and where there might be a bottleneck. That way you know where to improve.

  • Targeted search, sorting and filtering;
  • Export to PDF, Excel or CSV files;
  • Manage access to reports within your organization.
Overview of time reports specifically set for time per task
The team overview of Ella's Events, for example to view the hours of a team member
Invoice example Graphic character who points to something on an invoice Keeping

Plus Accurate billing

Easy to use invoicing

Indicate which hours you want to bill. Once you are ready to create an invoice, you can send all relevant hours to your preferred accounting app directly within Keeping.

  • Integrates directly with popular accounting apps;
  • Split between billable and non-billable;
  • Insight into the revenue from billed time directly in Keeping.

Integrates with Exact Online Exact Online Jortt Jortt Moneybird Moneybird SnelStart SnelStart Twinfield Twinfield
Separate credentials for an external accounting app are required. You might need an additional subscription for such an app, this is not included.
Details of time registration reports downloaded to PDF format

Download as PDF, CSV or Excel

Detailed reports of your time entries

With the reporting feature of Keeping you can export a detailed report on specific time entries to PDF, CSV or Excel in no time.

You compile the reports yourself. This way you determine which tasks, projects or team members are included in which reports. The reports are very suitable for presenting tracked time at the end of a period or project to your client.

Chrome extension and Firefox add-on

For the digital professional

Smart time tracking directly in your browser via the Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. Switch quickly between projects, tasks and customers to create comprehensive time administration.

At Keeping we are very enthusiastic about the Chrome extension and Firefox add-on, it is no longer necessary to navigate to the Keeping website to quickly enter your hours. So you always have your daily overview available from every website.

  • Stay in your workflow;
  • Switch between projects, tasks and customers;
  • Quickly start, stop or adjust time entries.
Easily track hours with the Keeping extension for Chrome The Chrome extension and Firefox add-on for registering hours
The time tracking integration for project management apps with Keeping


Time tracking and project management

Keeping integrates time registration directly into your favorite project management tools using the Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. This way you add even more detail to your time administration.

  • Integrates directly into the interface of your favorite apps;
  • Clickable references in on your timesheet and in the reports;
  • Control over your time directly in the external tools.

Integrates with

Asana icoon Asana Basecamp Classic, 2 & 3 Basecamp GitHub GitHub Atlassian Jira Jira Todoist Todoist Trello Trello
Separate credentials for an external project management app are required. You might need an additional subscription for such an app, this is not included.

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