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Easy time tracking for teams and freelancers

Keep track of worked hours, collaborate, send invoices and much more, so that you will have more time for the important things.

Quick and smart

Time tracking made easy

Meet our intuitive time tracking solution. Keeping thinks along with you and supports you with your time administration. The better you keep track of your time, the more insights can get. Therefor Keeping focuses on making time tracking as easy as it can be.

  • Track time for yourself or with colleagues;
  • Enter worked hours afterwards;
  • Gain new insights with clear reports;
  • Apps for Android and iPhone.
Time tracking overview example of Ella's Events organisation
Team overview example of Ella's Events organisation

Start tracking your hours today with Keeping

Keeping is used by self-employed people and entrepreneurs, but also within various companies and organizations. Ensure your entire team has a good time administration with Keeping.

Teams, reports & integrations

Invite colleagues or staff to keep track of hours in Keeping. This way you have all the hours in clear reports at your disposal. Integrate different productivity tools directly into your time administration.

Icon for using teams within time registration with Keeping

Plus Teams

Manage teams

Easily add team members to your organisation so that you can keep track of the time and activities for your entire team.

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Clear overviews

View your and your team's time per period or project and tasks using comprehensive and clear reports.

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Plus Integrations

Easy to use integrations

Use our Chrome extension and Firefox add-on to flawlessly integrate Keeping with productivity tools such as Trello & Basecamp.

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Plus Accurate billing

Easy to use invoicing

In Keeping you indicate which time is ready to be billable and which time should not be billed. Thereafter, you can easily create a new invoice in your invoicing application of choice—directly withing Keeping.

This allows you to prepare and send invoices quickly and responsibly to your customers. You also have a clear overview of all the billable and non-billable hours.

  • Responsible invoicing;
  • Split between billable and non-billable hours;
  • Insight into the revenue from billed time directly in Keeping.

Integrates with Exact Online Exact Online Jortt Jortt Moneybird Moneybird SnelStart SnelStart
Separate credentials for an external accounting app are required. You might need an additional subscription for such an app, this is not included.

Mobile everywhere

Useful time tracking app for iPhone and Android

With the Keeping app, tracking time while on the road is made possible. It is especially useful when you don't have a laptop with you. This helps with accurate time administration if you travel a lot or often work away from the office.

  • Real-time synchronization with the web application;
  • Start and stop running timers no matter where you are;
  • The free time tracking app is available for iPhone and Android.
Keeping timesheet for time registration in our Android app Keep track of time with the Keeping app

Where do you spend your time?

Ensure your entire team has a good time administration with Keeping.

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